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“A wonderful harmony is created when we join together the seemingly unconnected”

Ways we can work together

My space is orientated around you, and so we create a space for us. We all have different ways of making sense of the world, as well as different ways of coping with the most difficult parts of life. Part of our work is to decipher, honor and stand down the unhelpful coping mechanisms, part of it is to bring forward, enlighten and nurture parts that have been exiled. And in doing so, we start to make sense of the story we lived through, our part in it, and what we do and do not have control over now. 

Using our own intuitive creativity in the therapy room can help us to tap into more deeply embedded, hidden and unconscious parts of ourselves, which in turn can allow us a deeper sense of autonomy over our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. 

Understanding our parts

We can use a wide range of media or techniques to discover and identify different parts of ourselves, which includes shadow-work. These include:

- Working with sandtray toys

- Using architype cards

- Working with pictures

- Using felt sense / somatics

- Two chair work

- Painting/drawing/doodling

Understanding our Script
('the story of your life')

We can start to make sense of our story through seeing it play our in ours or other people's itterations. This in turn means we can start to see where we can evolve our own story into one we ideally want to live out.

 This can include:

- Childhood fantasies

- Looking at favourite childhood stories

- Working with songs and music

- Creative writing/composing music (piano available for pianists in Alresford)

- Dreamwork

- Fantasy Island work

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