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What is Counselling

The difference between psychotherapy and counselling depends on who you ask. Confused?! In reality there is a huge overlap with counselling and psychotherapy. One main difference is that psychotherapy training is generally lengthier and therefore more in-depth. Counselling is often seen as a shorter-term therapy, usually under a year, and therefore does not going into as much depth as longer-term psychotherapy?

My Training

I am trained in Transactional Analysis (TA) Psychotherapy, which is one of many modalities psychotherapists can train within. TA was conceptualised by Eric Berne in the late 50s and offers a framework to view the individual human psyche, our interactions with others, together with culture and society as a whole. One of the principles of the TA field is that every person is born 'OK', and it is in our early envionment where we decide whether we feel OK or not. Want to know more? Read here

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